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Our Program

We chose this program for its intellectual underpinning, strength and rigour. 
Dr Andrew Monk

Chairman, Australian Organic
Manna Farms, Victoria

Our process ensures a high rate of success in turning organisational culture around.

Our unique process has been honed over many years of implementing change management programs with leading organisations and companies across diverse industries. 

Step 1: ASK

Management: We hold an initial consultation with you and/or your management team to uncover the aspirational culture, mission and values of your organisation.

Your Staff: We then survey the individuals in your team. Our unique, anonymous online assessment tool is completed anonymously by all employees, which delivers insights into the structure of their individual values.

Step 2: LISTEN

Initial 2-day workshop with your staff establishes the unique twenty-five behaviours that describe your company’s five values. These identified behaviours are used to populate the on-line Cultural Health Check® tool. This is not a cookie-cutter model. The populated on-line tool is unique to your company, which is why it’s so effective.

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Step 3: ACT

If cultural weaknesses have been identified, we can help you strengthen them. Alternatively, you may have received a gold standard for your workplace culture, but you want to strive for platinum.

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Any effective change management process requires regular monitoring and maintenance. We re-evaluate your organisation’s culture every six months to ensure the change strategies are on-track. It is at this six-month mark that The Culture Doctor® renews your licence to use your existing standard (silver, gold, platinum), or issues a new standard.

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