Why Culture?

Understanding your people’s beliefs and values is powerful. Witness Trump.

Donald Trump stunned the world when he won the US presidential race. He won because he understood the values and world views of a large number of Americans. He then reflected those views right back at those people. In other words, his perceived values ALIGNED with the values of millions who voted for him. “I AM YOUR VOICE!” he trumpets.

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We live, breathe, study and work with organisational culture because we believe that culture, more than anything, determines success. 


Improve your organisation’s culture... 




Discretionary Effort

And expect these results... 


Increased productivity


Competitive advantage


How we improve organisational culture.

Through our Cultural Health Check program, we engage with, and learn about the values and world views of an organisation’s team members. Then we implement a guided program to bridge the gap in staff and management culture. 

What we do

We help companies who have high turnover costs and lost productivity opportunities because their team members don’t or won’t go the extra mile. We help foster an organisational culture in which staff is motivated to give discretionary effort. 

Our Values

  • TRUST: Actively and accurately hearing and sensing another’s thoughts and feelings. To express thoughts and feelings in a climate of mutual trust.
  • INTEGRITY: Commanding the authority of thought leadership through our knowledge and integrity.
  • WISDOM: Seeking the wisdom that stems from understanding a set of sociological principles that govern human enterprises.
  • COLLABORATION: Commitment to societal transformation through both individual independent action and a collaborative network.
  • TRANSFORMATIVE COMMUNICATION: Communicating transformative insights to change the way people view the world and live in it.