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We have grown rapidly over the last few years as more people recognise the huge potential of having staff who give discretionary effort because they are thriving in their workplace environment.

Melinda Fisher and Lara Schliebs have recently joined The Culture Doctor® – both highly experienced professionals passionate about helping companies and organisations realise the transformative benefits of a healthy workplace culture. 

Dr Tony Watt

After more than three decades leading large teams of people during a successful career in the education sector, launched The Culture Doctor®.

Tony’s work as an organisational culture consultant sees him liaise closely with Senior Executives across many industries.

He has successfully delivered change management programs to scores of businesses including local governmental bodies, professional services firms (engineers, environmental scientists and architects) as well as blue-collar businesses (an abattoir and a timber yard are among his clients).

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Lara Schliebs

As a People and Culture professional Lara thrives on working with innovative leadership to drive business success and support people and organisations to reach their full potential, all the while ensuring customer, stakeholder and shareholder value.

Lara has 20 years of experience in both Australia and the US helping businesses create amazing Cultures. She has worked at senior management level and within start-ups across a range of industries including professional services, healthcare/Biotech and FMCG.

As part of Shine Lawyer’s management team, Lara initiated, established and led all aspects of the HR & Learning function at Shine Lawyers, from transactional to strategic, over 10 years.

Why Culture?

“At Shine Lawyers, the company’s values were clear and articulated regularly. We attracted people who were fun, innovative and looking to make a difference. During that period, we worked hard, but I know many of us didn’t really feel like we were working. 

It’s what Tony Watt calls ‘discretionary effort’ - we really did contribute above and beyond as we all believed strongly in what we were trying to achieve as an organisation. A healthy workplace culture in which management and staff’s values and beliefs align can be a very powerful thing.” Lara Schliebs 

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Melinda Fisher

An experienced coach, facilitator and speaker, Melinda specialises in the areas of company culture and values, leadership development and teamwork.

Melinda’s passion is partnering with organisations and leaders to live their values, realise their full potential and smash their goals. Her areas of expertise include company culture and values, leadership development and team building.

Melinda was the National Learning and Development Manager at Shine Lawyers between 2006 and 2016. A member of the Leadership Team, she provided strategic management advice in relation to induction and technical training, leadership development and business coaching.

Why Culture?

“I’ve worked in a vibrant, proactive workplace in which most staff, if not all, are going above and beyond. You’re empowered, and you want the organisation to succeed. I strongly believe that culture, more than anything, can be transformative.” Melinda Fisher

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