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Successful corporations have one thing in common.

Their employees give discretionary effort. Rather than just putting in a minimum effort, staff members go ABOVE AND BEYOND for their employer – all day, every day. Staff members in successful corporations give discretionary effort if they believe in the company’s values and purpose and feel their own contribution is valued.

The Culture Doctor® is a Brisbane-based business consultancy with a proven track record in transforming organisational cultures.

We work with companies and organisations to foster a culture in which staff are motivated to give their best. After many years working in change management, we know that if an organisation gets their culture right, productivity levels will soar.

Using our unique online assessment tools and intensive staff workshops, we can accurately diagnose the type of culture that exists in your organisation.  We identify what culture is desired, then, drawing on our expertise in change management, we tailor-make an action plan to help you bridge the gap.

We then work with your staff to foster an organisational culture which motivates them to go above and beyond for your company. 


The Culture Doctor® also offers a proprietary Standards system, which identifies the health of a company’s organisational culture with either a SilverGold or Platinum level.

All cultural health standard graphics are registered trademarks of The Culture Doctor®.

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Large company or organisation?

The Culture Doctor® can work collaboratively with your existing People and Culture/Human Resources team.

Small business?

We can manage the entire process solo. 

The Cultural Health Check has played a clear part in the growth of my business. 
Michael Scholz

Owner, Scholz Electrical 

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