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Organizational Culture In Emergency Services

The term “culture” tends to be often times thrown around when speaking of a service's commitment to the mission of protecting properties or saving lives. We are referring to services like firemen or policemen, but also emergency locksmiths who answer 24/7 phone calls announcing accidental lockouts from buildings or vehicles, a lot of the times with people or pets trapped inside and in peril. But there is also a negative or darker side of these services, with discrimination and even actions that lead to duty injuries/life losses with no reward that can commensurate to the risks taken by these people.

If you a ... read more

Culture at Airbnb http://bit.ly/1IIkapC

This article from News Limited makes for fascinating reading. Why, because you don't have to go to this expense to master a healthy corporate culture. Culture is not about the toys. Image 1 A fashion designer’s Brooklyn loft makes an inspiring setting for a chat. Source: New Limited PULL back the gauzy curtains concealing the e ... read more

Are there lessons about our country and its culture to be found at the National War Memorial?

Australian War MemorialThe Hall of Memory stained glass windows Designed by Napier Waller each one of the Hall of Memory's fifteen stained glass windows represents a defining quality of Australian servicemen and women, incorporating images of Australian soldiers, airmen, sailors and a nurse, all from the First World War. The windo ... read more

Toxic culture = Reputational loss: Johnson & Johnson to pay $2.2bn settlement

Johnson & Johnson

  • AAP
  • November 05, 2013    9:04AM
Johnson & Johnson will pay $2.2 billion to settle an investigation over improper marketing of drugs.
HEALTH care giant Johnson & Johnson agreed Monday to plead guilty to criminal charges ... read more

Toxic Culture? SAC Capital Advisors slapped with $1.8 billion fine for insider trading

When a company compromises its values, like a dead fish it rots from the head down. AAP November 05, 2013 1:52PM Steve Cohen is the chair and CEO of SAC Captial Advisors Picture: Bloomberg. SAC Capital Advisors will plead guilty to criminal fraud charges, stop investing money for others and pay $1.8 billion - the largest financial penalty in history for insider trading - to resolve criminal and civil claims against the hedge fund giant, the government announced Monday. The government said in a letter to judges presiding over Manhattan cases that the "proposed global resolution" of the criminal and civil cases against SAC Capital Advisors and related companies also includes an agreem ... read more

The California Condition and Productivity

It's said that misery loves company. Here's an interesting insight:
28 Oct 2013
The Australian
http://bit.ly/pg3ul Aspects of a worker’s disposition can, in fact, be contagious, according to Sigal Barsade, a management professor at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School. "People literally catch emotions from one another like a virus," she says. Her research has found that the least-contagious emotional state is one marked by low-energy and sluggishness. The most contagious is a calm, relaxed state — which she nicknamed "the California condition". People with similar emotional temperaments work b ... read more

Call to change the culture of the unions


Today's Australian newspaper reports that LABOR’S vice-president Tony Sheldon will urge the party today to find "a new sense of purpose and d ... read more

Do Your Employees Need To Relax More?

Transforming your workplace culture into a healthier and more productive one will help you look at soaring productivity levels soon enough. If you are not sure how to approach this topic, you can get in touch with us and let us put our unique online assessment tools and intensive staff workshops to their best use for you. We will effectively evaluate the current shape of your organisation’s culture and tell you exactly what you should do to improve things. One often times undermined thing refers to employees' need to relax more, since today's workplace is more stressful than ever.

Stressed Out Employees Could Be Burning Outrandomn powerball numbers on powe							... <a href=read more

Corporate Culture&Locksmith Businesses

Corporate culture is a term that refers to a system of beliefs and behaviors that determine the interaction between the employees and managers of a company, as well as the way transactions with outside parties will be dealt with. Corporate culture is oftentimes implies, and not clearly defined, and it tends to develop in time in an organic manner as a result of the cumulative traits of employees hired by the company. A national locksmith company for example will normally develop a type of corporate culture that will reflect the professional behaviors of the technicians they will be hiring over time. This culture will ... read more

How Workplace Safety Pays For Everyone

The World Health Organization clearly states that workplace health and safety aims the read more